Wednesday, 20 October 2004

The Daily Conundrum

Did you ever get the sense that the passage of time was strange somehow? That moving from one moment into the next, and being able to measure the passage of time as the recurrence of transpiring events on the face of a clock is indescribably silly; that without such measuring devices your own ability to perceive the passage itself, if its frequency were to alter, would not exist. If someone from "outside the timeline" were to observe that the passage of time for our own timeline had stopped, we would not notice or be able to. The passing moments, although felt viscerally enough, and experienced with great sensation at the moment, are every next moment gone forever, and remembered only in the signatures of existance and force that they leave. There really are no "moments" or fragments of time, simply you existing in this pane of reality moving ever forward, never to be captured, never to be frozen, never to be trapped, only remembered. And in remembering, you participate still in motion of time, the inescapable onwardness.

Hey Blog

Soooo, what's up? i know, i've been out of touch. i'm sorry. no, i really am. i'm not gonna say it's because i've been busy - that's such a lame excuse. i know and you know that we make time for things if we want to. i could list all the reasons why i haven't blogged but it's insulting to our relationship. not to mention that somehow in all this not-blogging i've managed to sleep a whole bunch and eat a bunch of nachos. OF COURSE I HAVEN'T! omigod, NO! i haven't been busy reading other people's blogs. why would you think such a thing? i must really disappoint you. oh blog, can we start over? please? i miss the way you publish my posts - so willingly, without judgement. you're happy i stopped by? that means so much. thank you. now that i'm here, i realize just how much i've missed you. i'll be back, soon. oh, ok - cross my heart! better?

your creator and pal,

Friday, 1 October 2004

Music Tips 16

Digimon - The Mighty Mighty Boss
Bare Naked Ladies - Old Apartment
Avril Lavigne - My World
Ismaël Lo - Dibi Dibi Rek
Youssou N'Dour - La Femme Est L'Avenir De L'Amour

Featured Artist of the Week: Ismaël Lo


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