Sunday, 30 October 2005

Trips planned

The trips I have planned so far:
  • Moldova - end of November (seminar)
  • France - beginning of France (skiing)
  • Lebanon - Christmas holiday (holiday)
  • France - last 2 weeks of January (skiing)
  • Namibia - 4 weeks in summer (holiday)

Where I still have to go this year:

  • Slowakia (visit Jana and David)
  • Germany (visit Christina)
  • Marocco (visit Bernadette)

And will see where else the wind will take me to... :)

Landrover G4 Challenge

I have been selected to participate in the national selection of the Landrover G4 Challenge (former Camel Trophy)!!! This means that I have to compete for the 3 spots available with probably 100 or 200 top-fit men and women! I will not stand a chance as I haven't run, cycled (long) or kayaked for a while, and these are a few of the things we have to do... it is the ultimate thing I want to do though, so I will give my best to pass and get to the final world selection, where of the 3 only 1 can go on. The problem is that I might be in Moldova still, when the selections take place. :(


Go figure! I can't post anything on my own blog anymore... :-)
When I started reading your essay, I noted some peculiarities, and a quick search on the internet revealed that you copy-pasted the entire essay from the blog 'Il principe'. Obviously, we do not tolerate plagiarism, especially not on this scale. I will hand over the evidence to the exam board, and advice them to exclude you from this course for at least a year. As far as I am concerned, you have also forfeited any rights on an 'easy pass' for English proficiency II.
Best, "


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