Friday, 26 November 2004


Thank you all for your condolances.

Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Monday, 22 November 2004

Tolerant NL

Things are seriously getting out of hand in our little self-proclaimed tolerant country. The recent assassination of one of Holland’s more controversial film makers, Theo van Gogh, has sparked previously unseen amounts of terrorist and anti-terrorist activities that can only be matched by our hamburger-eating friends across the pond. Let me start off by saying I was not a fan of Theo’s work, nor of his crude, rough, uncivilized personality and appearance. He was one of those folks that were either loved or hated, and deep down, I think he preferred the latter. In the past years, triggered by the assassination of Dutch prime-minister to-be Pim Fortuyn, Theo had an outspoken opinion of our society and the Muslim culture in particular. Then, Theo was shot and stabbed multiple times, before having his throat slit from ear to ear, and getting 2 kitchen knives rammed in his body with a note attached. And that in Amsterdam, are we losing it???? The by Allah-forsaken social outcast responsible for the slaughter has instantly divided the country in two. With his stupidity he could not have provided a better justification for our baldheaded friends with swastika’s and army boots to burn down Muslim schools, Moroccan embassies etc. And now the poo is hitting the fan! In the aftermath of Van Gogh’s assassination, the Dutch police have stumbled across a sleeping terrorist cell in the Hague, and got bitchslapped by the goatbangers. It took a full day, the complete close-down of our political capital, 3 near-police-fatalities and tanks to take care of the situation. Turns out the building in which the goatbangers were hiding was chockablock full with explosives…….say what?? To top it all off, thinking the worst is behind us, today, in the extremely happening village of Liempde, the special services have closed down multiple PKK paramilitary training camps. Huh? A PKK what………where… who the f$@k are the PKK?? The lovely wholesome family-oriented camping “De Musdonck” has secretly been training PKK terrorists. Don't just come to this country to live off the state & taxpayers, and receive money for your extensive family back home, but follow a terrorism training course in the countryside while you are at it!And now the fun part? Stuff is just getting started, stay tuned!! Time leave the country to St Maarten I say!
(*Thanks to Jayroon)

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Sunday, 21 November 2004

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Thursday, 18 November 2004

Sweet Dreams

A process that started already before the summer holidays and what we feared would happen in the holidays has finally come to an end this morning. My grandmother died.
She suffered from a rare and uncurable cancer which already indicated that it wouldn't take long before the lights would go out. They tried radiation, but it didn't help and she didn't want it anymore, so the outcome was unevitable. I was there last Friday since a long time and the change was quite a shock for me. Someone who was always so active and bossy was reduced to someone who needed help for everything and with quite a loss of memory. Though it was good that I was there again last week.
Our relation was always good, but I have no clue how to feel now or how to describe how I am feeling. I am not crying, am not happy, can't really explain actually. I have never experienced someone dying who was so close to me, so I am a little confused.
I will go home to my parents this evening and see what will happen next.


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