Wednesday, 27 July 2005


Good, just a short post from a hotel at the airport of Detroit. From here I will to go to the airport tomorrow, where a bus of the camp wil pick me up and will bring me to the Sauk Valley Resort.

The flight to the U.S. was excellent. I had almost given up my chair, because the flight was overbooked, but in the end it was not necessary. You can really make a lot of money with that. Arrived at JFK were the control and customs facilities were a farce. I thought that they would perhaps take me seperate because of the hockeysticks, but nothing, could walk through everywhere. Took the bus into the city, because it was cheaper (only o so much more slow) than a taxi. Beautiful hotel, central situated in town and an excellent room. Just arranged all with my future landlord and gave him 100$ deposit, so that he certainly knows that I am coming. He is an english actor that plays mainly in theaters. After that walked to Penn Station to get my train ticketsto Detroit. Ate something and to bed.

The bustle here in the U.S. is immense: there lifted town what, everywhere people, everybody is in a hurry and they are so irrespective. I have been already on the Empire State Bulding, before I left to Detroit. Also been at Times Square, the Rockefeller Center, the St Patrick's Church and what other streets. NY is actually quite simple as for streets, but you do must well know in which one you are. :) The train was excellent, already I do never sleep was really tremendously in a chair. In the dinercar of the train, I had to wait 50min before my order was taken up, but after that went the fast. Meet some girls on the train who were going to another field hockey camp in Iowa. Was amusing, as I stood with 2 other NLers outside (you find they also everywhere) talking and saw them passing by. You get back well an odd face. :)

Good, more people want this pc, consequently I will end. I have also a mobilenr. here, but don't know the nr. by heart. Only bought a prepaid.

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