Thursday, 24 August 2006

#$%^&* Heathrow

Our flight back from Windhoek to Amsterdam took us via Jo'burg and Heathrow. All went fine till Heathrow. Not only did we have to remove all liquids from our handluggage, but we also had to take off our shoes. If we had bought a bottle of whiskey in for example Jo'burg, we would have had to leave it at Heathrow without any compensation. The BAA is getting crazy and idiotic. I got into an argument with a security guard that there was nowhere a sign that we had to take off our shoes, but he claimed there was, so I had to take them off. It took us 55 minutes to get through the security checks (incl. the queues) and caused us to almost miss our plane.
This was not the worst part though, as our plane had a 60min delay and NONE of our 4 pieces of luggage was transported to Amsterdam, where we waited for an hour to finally hear that half of the people's luggage in our plane didn't make it. Not only is all my shaving equipment in my suitcase (both electrical and normal), but also my mobile. I cannot be reached for that sense... No clue when TNT will transport our luggage to my parents and when I will get my suitcase back... One advice: don't fly through Heathrow, go through Paris or Frankfurt for that matter!

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