Monday, 18 September 2006


In general, I don't have many visitors over who also stay the night and come from abroad. Last weekend was an exception, as Christoph, my fellow board member during my ELSA Germany year, came to visit me here on Saturday and Sunday with his girlfriend. Was nice, as none of my former board members had visited me yet after the end of our year in August 2003. Not because they don't love me (well, they might not, but they never said that :-) ), but more because I am/was away often and live in a different country. All the other board members were (and are) Germans.
But it was fun to have someone over and I showed them the city and we made a tour to my part of the province where I originally come from. On Sunday they joined me to my hockey match and then went back to Eindhoven, where Christoph's girlfriend does her PhD. More visitors are always welcome...

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