Sunday, 14 January 2007

Söhne Mannheims Concert

Just came back from Amsterdam, where I went to the concert of Söhne Mannheims and it was a blast. I haven't had such a good time in a long time. Dancing, swinging, singing, clapping and cheering. I have most of their Cd's (if not all), but to see them in real life and experience the atmosphere is even better.
The Melkweg isn't a big place, max 700 people, and it wasn't totally full, but it felt comfy and everyone had a superb time. A lot of Germans were present, some even from Frankfurt and other far away places... What wondered me was the amount of Dutch present. I know the Söhne from my time in Heidelberg, but I wonder how the Dutch knew about them, as they didn't have hit in the Netherlands. If someone reads this and wants to elaborate on that: please do. I didn't bring a camera, so if someone made some pics: please send me a couple! (für alle Deutsche: wenn Ihr Bilder habt = schick mir bitte doch einige!)
To conclude: it was a superb, marvellous, great, comfy, swinging and wonderful evening! Thanks to Arnoud for accompanying me, where no one else dared or wanted!

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