Monday, 26 March 2007

The Hague

I spend this weekend in The Hague visiting a friend. It was nice and we had a great time. Took one of the last trains on Friday evening and came back this morning before my match. On Saturday we went to Amsterdam to do some shopping and I bought a new pair of jeans. To be honest: I didn't have any pairs of jeans left and I wanted to buy a pair for some time already, but was just never in the mood, or had someone to go with me. My friend told me that I immediately looked more though and handsome, so must be a nice pair of jeans! (For the price I bought them: they have to be!) After shopping, we had a drink and went to the movies. Saw "The Good Shepperd", which is a good movie, but you have to like the theme and stand the duration. Overall a wonderful weekend and very enjoyable. Not at least by the company! :-)

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