Wednesday, 11 August 2004


It's the season of the year, where there is hardly any news, but you still have to write something. Like this.
Yesterday evening I was taking a shower when the doorbell rang. Now do not many people know where I live; I myself hardly do. This is because due to the very fast construction of buildings in Tirana, the administration office hasn't had the time to register all new streets and houses, so many don't have a streetname or number yet. My building is one of them. To refer to where I live, I just name the street in front of me and say that it is behind the supermarket. Sending mail (see below for more details) is impossible as I haven't seen a single postbox in the whole of Albania and since not everyone has a street-name... But back to my story: if the doorbell rings at the topfloor of a building, there can hardly be any mistake, so I jumped out of the bathtub, put a towel around me and opened the door. In front of me an Albanian guy and a little girl with an icecream, clearly at the wrong address. They apologise in perfect high-German, turn around and walk down the stairs. Leaving me suprised behind: do I look that German?

Sending mail to me:
Leander van Delden
HMA Tirana
Koeriersdienst Buitenlandse Zaken
Postbus 20061
The Netherlands

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