Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Ugly Naked Man

Everyone who has seen Friends once, probably knows that there is a character (although not in person) in the series that lives across the apartment of Monica and Chandler in another building. Looking through their (immens) window or from their balcony they can look into his apartment (from above) and see him walking around naked.
I am proud to annouce that I have my own Ugly Naked Man! He also lives in an apartment across the street some 5 floors down and I have had the pleasure of seeing him walking around naked as well. He is mid 60, grey hair/bold, quite a large posture and ugly as hell. As he lives on the top floor of his building, he probably thinks that no one can see him and that he can walk around and give the plants on his balcony water like that. However, I have a very clear sight on him and immediately had to think of Friends when seeing him. Anyone who wants to see the show is welcome. Please bring your own drinks!

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