Sunday, 12 December 2004

Me again, isn't it great?

I haven't posted for almost a month and I am really sorry for that. I know you guys (and girls of course) have been anxious to now what happened to me and how I am doing. So here I am again and ready to post and tell you all about my sad, uninteresting and very fluctuating life. :)
Well, as you all know my grandmother died 2 weeks ago and we had her funeral already. It was a nice funeral, although it was not as heavy as I expected it to be, but it was nice. My grandfather is doing fine, but has to get used to the living alone-thing, but it's good that he get's help to clean his house, someone that helps him with his medicine and washes him (he is too lazy to do that) etc.
Regarding me taking medicines for money, that is not so strange here. You will always need people to test them on else they will never get on the market and can cure people. It's more or less 100% safe. The only thing that can happen is that you get such minor side effects as throwing up, headache or a fever, but that's all. For making money it is the perfect way as you get around 100€ a day and you don't have to pay anything: no food, no housing etc. Besides you get a full healthcheck again, so I know now I don't have cancer, AIDS or whatever (never thought I had it btw). Such test are also rather expensive here, so it's a cheap solution to get one.
The weekend was fine. On the 5th of December we had St. Nicolas, which is more or less like Santa Claus, but than better. No stupid tree, no reindeers, but a guy in red with long white hair and beard, with negro employees and he hands out gifts. You give eachother presents and make poems with them. (see other post)
About my trainings, well it's more relaxed at the moment as I only have to give trainings 2 times a week instead of 4. Matches are over for the winter and the last 2 we won, so we are doing pretty well I think. :)
My first exam will be the 24th of December (figure it!!) and then in January again, so start praying for me! :) At the moment not much more news, Friday the grand opening of a exhibition on Diaghilev, a Russiant artist, at the Groninger Museum, where my company will do the valet parking for 1400 guests. I will be mainly in charge of it all, so wish me luch that none of my drivers crashes a car or so! :) Hope you are all doing well with work, love and life.

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Aim said...

glad to see you back - good luck on the exam!


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