Monday, 27 December 2004


I was a while ago already in the posession of a Skype-account, but I deinstalled the programme again, since not many people had it. Now I see more and more people coming online on MSN promoting Skype and giving their usernames, so I installed it again. I have to see if this trend continues, as it might be just another hype. The same as online news, will never replace the ordinary newspapers (atleast I hope...). But for all you Skypers out there: "lvandelden" is my username and add me!!! :)
PS for all you nitwits: Skype is a programme you can use to call for free using the internet.

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NetizenJo said...

Hi Leander,

here you go. Nina and I just joined the SKYPE community. NetizenJo and ninaklotz are the user names. Looking forward to a nice chat.

Bye Jochen


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