Thursday, 27 January 2005


In reaction to my last post that I am out of ELSA, I should perhaps have explained what ELSA is. ELSA stands for the European Law Students' Association, which is an international (or European if you want) network of law students. If you study Business or Economics you will probably know AIESEC or AEGEE, well this is the same, just focussed on law(students).
The local groups organize seminars, lectures, moot courts, travels, exchanges, traineeships, visits to firms/courts etc. The national group (NG) is more for the overview and represents the country at an International Council Meeting (ICM), where the NGs discuss with the International Board (IB) about policies, guidelines, ideas, trainings etc.
During my time in ELSA I was president of a local group in Groningen and treasurer of ELSA Germany. Well it might seem strange that a Dutch guy goes to a German board and quite frankly it is. :) Just I had the opportunity (as was the IB) and took it and I didn't regret it. For me that was the highest level possible (in order of importance and work, Germany and the IB don't differ that much) and the biggest challenge. Now my final accounts got approved and I am finally out of it. Time to graduate and go to work! :)

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