Wednesday, 19 January 2005

No More ELSA

As many of you know I have been active in ELSA for a couple of years, with as summum a year in the national board of Germany in 2002/2003. Last weekend was my last ELSA Germany event, as I finally got my final accounts approved. That this took a while has three main reasons: first I was a bit lazy in regard to the bookkeeping. Second my predecessor only got her accounts approved last NCM, so I had to wait for that as well. Third I never got any explanation or training in bookkeeping in a for me strange programme in a foreign language. Luckily took Anja Illing (treasurer 03/04) the task on her to do my bookkeeping. I owe her a lot for that, as it is a shitty job. Thanks again Anja! Now my ELSA days are really over. Perhaps I have to go to Vilius for the next ICM, but will have to see about that.
ELSA has also changed too much for my taste. At the NCM no more questions were asked to the national board during plenary, no one showed any interest in the financial matters (ok, it is a boring topic, but we could have told them anything), and the mistakes made by the national board so far, were not mentioned or even brought up. We as ex-NB members had a lot of criticism to what the present NB has done so far, but due to our code of conduct we don't speak up. As a friend of mine put it: "these people are only here to drink and get laid..." ELSA is not what it used to be, I guess. Although this is probably a sound that you will here often from ex-national board members... :)

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mytousa said...

don't want to seem stupid but what is ELSA??
Anyhow and a little late..gott nytt år!!!


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