Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Last days in the US

Well, I'm back in Holland (or The Netherlands, how you want to call it) and had a great time in NY. On Thursday I visited Wall Street and Ground Zero, on Friday I did a bike tour through the Bronx. Saturday I spend in the Bronx as well before leaving to the airport. Sadly I wasn't able to get a later flight, although the flight was overbooked again, but they didn't need my seat. Would have been nice to stay a day longer and get some extra money. Sometimes they pay up tp 600€ for taking a later flight. :)

Visiting Wall Street was fun, although there is not really much to see. I sat on some stairs looking at the trade building and a man starting talking to me. He turned out to be a controller (or something like that) for some firm at Wall Street and I was wearing an orange shirt with DUTCHY on the back, so he reacted on that. His cousin went to school with Maxima, he said, and we talked a bit about women, money, NY, banking, his kids and more. Was fun and had a nice chat. Also went to Ground Zero. Just a big hole in the ground with a big fence around it. Not much else, was a bit disappointing. Had expected more. On Friday I participated in a biking tour through the Bronx. Was fun, though it went a bit slow; it was a good way to explore a different area than the ones you normally visit. 2 Guides, 2 families of 4 and me, were on the trip. I was in the back, talking to one of the guides, when I braked, with my front brake (a bit too hard) and I tipped over the front of my bike landing on my chin... The one who owns 3 bikes, comes from the country with the most cycling paths and where they have more bikes than inhabitants, falls. I never looked so stupid. Good that the rest drove ahead. :)

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