Thursday, 11 August 2005


Yesterday I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. I planned to go to MoMA, but for some reason I ended up in a queue at the MET with a free ticket for MoMA in my hands. That didn't really work. :) I mixed up the locations of both museums, but the MEt was fine (if not better) as well.

Let me say that I entered the MET at 10 and came out at 16hrs and still hadn't seen all the rooms and exhibitions. It is HUGE... Ok, I skipped the musical instruments and porcelain-section (as they simply don't interest me), but further tried to see everything. From Chinese, Cypriotic and Korean to European and American art. Cabinets, paintings, sketches, sculptures, modern stuff, jewelry and history artifacts. I've seen most of them. My feet hurt after that.

The evening I spend at the lower east side, eating in a very nice Korean restaurant (all with sticks) and enjoying the scenery in a more quiet part of town while walking around.

Jon (from the field hockey camp) gave me a call this morning. He was in the queue for the Empire State Building and since he's leaving town today again, we might have lunch in a while.

What I still have to see: MoMA, Ground Zero and Wallstreet. So I have a busy schedule.

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Nicole said...

It sounds like you're having a great time :-) Hope you had a fun weekend!


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