Sunday, 12 March 2006


Once in a while, I check up (although it is becoming more obsessive) who is visiting my blog. Normally a lot of visitors who only stay 00.00 minutes at my blog, some regular readers and the occasional exception. Yesterday I had such an exception in a visitor from Moldova, who stayed a very, very long time:

Time: 3:19:34 pm
Pageviews: 32
Total time visited: 150:56

I know who might that was and thank you for that! :) You definitely boosted up my statistics!


strange reader said...

firstly: it was really interesting to read (you are a good writer); secondly: opened and looked throug some links (just was interesting to know more about the things i've never seen and the places i've never been before, for example about Julian Beever's 3D pavement drawings - thy are amaizing!), and finally - was discovering how does this thing work (i mean blog)

Nicole said...

You've got a really good blog here, so it's not surprising. =)


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