Sunday, 5 March 2006


One of my friends had her birthday last Friday and I sent her an SMS to congratulate her. I haven't spoken to her in a while, as she was in Morocco for 6 months and when she returned in February I was away most of the time. She is a good friend and we used to date a couple of years back. So far the background info.
I received an email from her address on Saturday that further contact between us was not wanted as in her current relationship she encountered problems because of me. I very much doubted that, since we hardly spoke the last 7 months, and didn't like the tone of the email. Therefore I asked her to explain this and said that I was disappointed. On Saturday evening I got the following email back:

stupid you,
i think that my girlfriend X was clear in her last e mails there is no reason for you to bother her with your story cause she and i don't want to hear anything from a donkey like you. other wise you will have affair with me and i m sure that you will not like me to be part in this argument. hope that you will be wise domestic animal and obey to what the person will bite you ass said.
we don t want you and you are not welcome in our relationship and life we order you to stay in you cage and don t try to be friend of one of us.
i have Xs password so if you will want to reply to this e mail he you have to send it to just one of us to don t be more stupid and i would like you to send me in english the e mail with all you want to say.

Well, so far the friendliness. I already feared that her boyfriend would behind this, and sadly it is true. I do not want to generalize about Moroccan boyfriends (as some friends of mine are Moroccan as well), but you do sometimes hear these kind of stories that they totally claim the girl and that they don't have their own lives and friends anymore. But who does this guy think he is? And how does he even darethreateningg me? He sure as hell, doesn't know where he got himself into and I guess he got stuck in the late 1500's... He is a guest in our country, doesn't know me at all and he behaves like this. I am not a violent person by nature, but this does trigger something.

To make things even worse: I cannot reach my friend. Her phone isn't being answered, I don't bother sending her an email as he reads them anyway, so I might just drop by her house. Although I probably will have to bring a friend then. That god could have created such idiots...

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tamale said...

don't let the dude bother you too much. I am sorry it is compromising your friendship, but some battles you step away from. if it is to be, it will be


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