Wednesday, 23 February 2005

About me

Well, about me as the title says is just short for what am I doing at the moment and what's happening in my life at the moment. Well really? Not much... :( I am flooded with work due to my 11 courses at university, for which I have to take 22hrs of class a week! That is enormous for a law student!! But ok, I can blame the fact that I am doing 2 studies.

About that: well I planned to finish this summer, but since I am taking a short BA in International Organisations, they refuse to let me do my main course which I need to write my thesis and to finish. Ok, I have finished my thesis already, but since I can't take the course, I can't hand it in... Real bummer, as I really want to finish and I'm not getting any younger... Due to all those classes I can hardly work, besides the obligatory hockey trainings I am giving 4 evenings a week. Not that there is much to drive (as I'm still a private driver), but ok, am sometimes missing those hours. Therefore my financial situation is (although: more as usual) below average and have to cut again on food. :) So please donate to the known bankaccount.

So what am I doing besides hockey, uni and writing stupid messages on this blog? Euh, not much. The happy life as it was during my first years of study is over. No more reviewing games and movies as one of the first in NL, no more hours/days of computer gaming, no more very short term trips to friends and wherever, no more dating every girl I can get (euh: did I ever?), no more making more than €1200 (netto) a month and spending it all... The good old days...

So what are my plans till the summer? Well, Kate (former ELSA IB-member) is getting married and I am invited to come, but it's in Georgia. Christina wants to become an IB-member and will hopefully get elected in Vilnius. There are elections in Albania and I want to be an EU observer there and finally I planned a trip with 2 friends of mine to Madrid. As you can see: all trips and no money. Isn't that a lovely combination? Well, will see what will happen and what not. Does anyone have some nice holiday tips for the summer? :)

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