Friday, 25 February 2005


As said in my last post, I watched a movie yesterday night and when you see the title, you probably know which movie. :) I have to say one of the best movies I saw in a long time. No action, no violence, no car-chases, no explosions, but a good movie about 2 friends in California and wine. Lot's of wine...
The story in short: 2 friends, 1 is getting married in a week, want to go on a trip for the last time and head with a Saab 900 cabrio (ok, I love the car), to the wineyards of California. They just want to have a good time, but the groom-to-be also wants to get laid before he gets married. The complications, funny situations, romances and superb views bring us swift through the movie. You aren't bored for a second and want to know what's happening next. The camerawork is excellent and the players superb.
Winesales are booming after this movie was released in the US and I can guess why. Not only you get a lesson in wine-making, -tasting and -history, but the movie also turns drinking wine into something special, something mysterious. Really a great movie.

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Nicole said...

I would love to see Sideways myself! I've only seen the trailers but what I've seen looks great.

It's great to see Paul Giamatti in a lead role as well :-)


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