Friday, 25 February 2005

The old gentleman with the scythe

I know it's late and I should have been sleeping already, but I am not in the mood and watched a movie, but about that probably tomorrow more.
The ones that have me on their MSN have probably already seen it, but for the others: yesterday, February 24th, my grandmother died. It's the second grandmother I am loosing in 4 months, so the old man really needs us it seems. Only one grandfather left.
My grandmother was 94, which is a respectable age of course, so we don't mourn too much. There was nothing more to do and she was just done with it all. Her cells didn't multiply anymore and that was it, end of exercise. She wasn't that good anymore both mental as physical, but still alive and with a relative ok memory. Ok, she repeated everything 10 times and started to forget more things, but still remembered our names, so it was not that bad.
Three weeks ago she fell and was taken to hospital for a broken leg and bruizes etc. She never recovered from that anymore and I think that was the beginning of the end. At the beginning of this week we noticed the downfall and I visited her on Tuesday and the whole family went by everyday to visit her, although she had her eyes closed all the time and couldn't speak anymore.
When my father called this morning I knew what had happened even before he said it. We never call that early in the morning, so it was pretty obvious.
On Monday she will be cremated, and you can join if you wish. Don't know what more to say. Will go to bed.

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