Monday, 2 May 2005

Last Match

Well, today my team played it's last match for this season. We beat Kampen with 2-6 and I have to say that it was a nice match with a nice opponent and beautiful weather. Might have been a little too warm, but if I say that, I sound like a typical Dutch person complaining about the weather: that it is never right! :) As the title says: this was my last match this season, our team ended 2rd which is quite good considering the team consisted largely of A juniors and only three 18+ seniors. Ok, it's the lowest division we can play, but you have to start from crap with such a young team and when you just formed a new team.
It might have also been my last match for HCW. There are not enough people remaining for 2 teams (as we have now), so it isn't clear what will happen. I might go to another club and play my final years at a high level, as I still have the energy and spirit to do that. this was nice in between, but not long lasting. I might also drop hockey at all and take up the course for national referee, which will keep me at the hockey fields on Sunday, but from a different perspective. I don't know yet. Perhaps even both is possible. Will see...

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