Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Summer 2005

This summer I will go to the United States. Although I am not a real fan of the US (and always said that I would never go there), I will go there now for a good reason. I will be a coach at one of NIKE's field hockey camps this summer. I wrote numerous camps and highschools if they could use my knowledge and help for the summer and happily I got a reply. I have to say that I expected more answers, but ok, I guess they were all fully staffed or just not interested. So I will be in the Detroit area for a week beginning of August.
I will fly first to NY, then take the train to Detroit (it's cheaper than flying and I love trains), coach for a week, train back to NY and spend a week there, exploring the city and seeing what the US is all about. I hope that 2 friends of mine will also come and visit me, so it will be a blast. If not, well I have travelled alone before and can handle it. It isn't a big holiday as the ones I am used to take, but I might have a resit in August and this will probably be fun too.
If anyone has tips, advice or wants to meet me over there: just give a buzz. :)

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