Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Early modern Bertman

* How long will it take before you finally introduce me to your friends abroad on this English version of your blog?
* I'm already a distinguished guest on your Dutch blog of course, but I feel there's so much more to discover about the Early modern Bertman for the people outside the Netherlands!
* So go on and tell the world about the adventures of the Early modern Bertman!
* So eventually he will live on forever in the minds and hearts of millions of people all around the world!
This handsome fella on the left is one of my best friends: Bert. On this picture he can be seen with a sign, which he stole from Greece in my car. Greek authorities who are willing to pursue him , please contact me.
Further information about Bert: he is in the prime of his life, 26 years old, has a well paid job as a teacher of history at a christian high school. Has a pimped VW Polo, with everything pssible electric. He has his own apartement, which he currently shares with Arnoud (my other best friend). His hobbies are watching TV, eating, playing the organ and many more interesting things. He has currently no girlfriend, but he was so terribly occupied the last few months, that we hardly saw him. We had to make an appointment if we wanted to see him. He has plans to go to Austria for the summer, so if anyone wants to join him, they are more than welcome. For further info, contact me or him directly.

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