Tuesday, 28 February 2006

GPS Navigation

I have GPS navigation software on my phone (TomTom) and my dad also got really into it. So he wanted a navigation kit as well for in his car. He found the displays of TomTom too small so he bought himself a Pioneer 600T II. It is a great system and my parents already tested it on they travel to the Czech republic last week. It brought them right to the frontdoor of our friends and their hotels. The nice things is that it also plays DVDs, but unfortuantely they didn't build in some screens in the headrests, so I won'be profitting from it, the occasional time I ride with them.

DVD navigation package
For those drivers who don 't have any free dashboard space, this is an ideal on-dash navigation kit. Use the stylish wide-screen on-dash touch panel to input your destination, confirm a routeing option with the remote control, and you'll be off and driving in no time. Add this Pioneer combination to your current in-car system to enjoy high-speed, touch panel controlled map navigation.

Key Features AVIC600T-II
DVD Map navigation with 'Europe on one disc'
Touch panel operation
Voice guidance
7 guidance modes
Voice recognition for navigation and AV
Ideal replacement of on-dah stand-alone system

Features AVIC600T-II
Navigation Yes
On-dash display Yes
Touch Panel Operation Yes

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