Thursday, 23 February 2006

TNT (2)

Well, I passed the capacity test, so I am somehow smart. Got a fat 6, but no 7. Was close though, although of the 60 participants only 3 managed a 7 and only 1 an 8. So I wasn't doing that bad. It did disappoint me a bit though, as the things I thought I was doing well, I messed up and the other way around. Got a 5 for explaining words (that, I though, was my best series) and got an 8 for numbers (although I am terrible with math).
So I got into the second round and had a chat with 2 recruiters of TNT for an hour. I thought I was doing quite well until the question came "why TNT and what kind of job would you like?" Really: I was flabbergasted. Not a clue. I just sign up for business courses for the fun of it: to see how far I can get, and to get to know the company. I was out of the country for 3 weeks and didn't check up on TNT, so that question was a terrible one. I don't know it I made it up after that, as they kept on asking deeper into that, but I hope I managed. 24 Hrs non-stop working at TNT does sound like a nice challenge. Next week I will get a call if I can come for the final or not. Pray for me!

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