Wednesday, 31 May 2006

English debate

Today I had my final debate for my English course. I prepared most of our arguments, lined them all up, and made a structure in it. Unfortunately, my 2 team members used most of it before I got the chance to speak. They were chatting so rapidly as I have never experienced during the whole course and I ran out of the options discussed on forhand and even worse: I ran out of time. Therefore, I hardly spoke during the debate, as I tend to be polite and let the other finish first. I got a 7 and I am SO not satisfied with it. I want a resit. Better: I need a resit to maintain my 8 for the course. With a 7, I will also pass the course with a 7.
I have never been a nerd or someone wanting to be the best at university or in school. I never tried to get a 9 or 10. If with little work I could get a 7 or 8, I was satisfied, but now I am doing a course I am really good at, so I want that bloody 8. I have been in the top 2 of my group whole semester and I want to end there. With a 7, I am just mediocre. Last year, I got an 8,5 for my debate, so this is a personal failure for me. Might seem trivial, but it bugs me...

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