Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Silly Leander

Silly me. I forward the post of last week´s debate to my English teacher. Not the brightest thing to do, as she of course checked out my whole blog (though she was there "only" for 22 minutes, so whole is a bit too much). I posted more about the English course and she of course read that. Silly me. :-) Well, I just checked (yes, there is a search option for my blog Petra!) all the posts containing anything about it, but it can't be that bad. I do consider now that I also should check the Dutch version, as I have no clue what I wrote there. :-) As I tend to be open and frank about all that is happening and all I think, it could have been confronting, but I saw that I was rather mild. Do have to figure out a way to block her from now on, although, well, the course is almost over. I can't fail it, so who cares. Enjoy reading! :-)

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