Friday, 12 May 2006

Last drunk post

Ok, last Wednesday was a bit strange or abnormal for me (and my friends as well). We just had dinner as we more often have on Wednesdays and we went shopping to get some drinks. Bert saw suddenly that the grocery store had rose wine on discount and bought a bottle. We went home, had a coffee, and tried to watch the movie Zulu, but my DVDplayer refused to play it after some 20 minutes. We switched to Gone with the Wind (on explicit request of Bert) and started with the rose. Arnoud en Bert had the bigger wineglasses and I only a small one, so 1 bottle was immediately emptied in the 3 glasses (go figure…). The movie was too boring and we put on March or Die. I always have a bottle of white wine lying cold, so we opened that and as well poured it in the 3 glasses right away. After an hour Bert got too bored of the movie, since nothing was happening and we stopped it. By that time the bottle of Czech Slivovitch (only 3 shots) was emptied by Bert and Arnoud. I didn’t even get the chance to drink of it, since Bert emptied my glass. So the bottle of Ukrainian vodka came up and we mixed that with Coke light. We called it Woco and after we emptied 1 bottle we started with some other very poor quality vodka I still had. You can imagine that Bert, Arnoud, and I (since I am not a drinker at all) were getting very happy and laughing. Bert could hardly stand on his feet and still wanted to cycle home, but after a few attempts to get up, he gave that idea up. That was more or less the time that he asked for a bucket and started throwing up. Arnoud grabbed the bottle of Martini and didn’t need a glass for that… Bert managed to stumble to my bed and fell asleep there. Then Arnoud had as well enough and needed a bucket too. He managed to fell on the couch and after a very, very long time talking about a girl he fell asleep as well. I praise myself lucky that I managed to throw away some glasses of Martini in the sink and had the small glass for the wine. I was the one who had to clean up, go figure if I had been in that state as well… As the door of my balcony was open, I lie down on the table as the floor was too cold. Neither was very comfortable though, so I had 3 or 4 hrs of sleep. The other 2 woke up very early as well and we had an early breakfast at the university. I am still trying to get the smell out of my room… :-)

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