Thursday, 1 June 2006

Clubbing in Amsterdam

Last Friday I went clubbing in Amsterdam. Not the thing I usually do (or to be more correct: ever do), but it was great fun. I drove with Bert and Arnoud to Edam where we would sleep at my grandfather's place, dropped our stuff, had a bite and went to Hotel Arena in Amsterdam, where we would meet Nelleke and Arian to go clubbing at the same place. Nelleke was over from Tirana and Arian visited her from Tirana for that, so it was 2 girls on a night out, being stalked by 3 guys. Of course I tried to couple Bert to Nelleke, but failed miserably. :-) Hotel Arena (ToNight) is a nice place to go clubbing and it has a good atmosphere. Unfortunately wasn't the music that nice, as they were playing some kind of jungle techno, which is not really my style and to my humble opinion contains too much beats and bass. I got rather sick around 1.30am as well, due to "who knows". I hadn't drunk a drop of alcohol and was only drinking juice, so no clue what got into me. Happily Nelleke wanted to home herself at 2.15, so I got saved by the bell. Arnoud was totally digging it all and was hyper-active. He wants to go again at the end of next month, so we might just do that. Three guys on the prowl!

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Nicole said...

Sounds like great fun! Glad you had a good time. :D


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