Monday, 24 July 2006

Back home

I am back home from 3 weeks of coaching field hockey camps in the US. I miss it already. When the last camp in Blairstown, NJ was done I was relieved as it is a rather hard job to do, as you have to combine mental and physical activity. Not only that, but also was it more than 38 degrees Celsius (100+ Fahrenheit) during the afternoons. So it was hard work, it was very hot, my shoes had tremendous holes in them and I got up every day at 6.45am what is something I never do. Looking at the (short) list, you would say that I should be glad being back home, but I ain't. I miss it. I miss being around with those girls; who sadly often can hardly hit a ball, who cannot stop talking about the Spanish (male) coaches and who are sometimes a pain in the ass. But it is great spending time with them, to teach them new things and learn them things outside hockey about Europe, Holland, culture and habits. Not only that, but working abroad for me always feels like holiday, eventhough I sometimes have to work really hard. It was so in Germany, in Albania and now in the USA. I just love being in a new surrouding, meeting new people and doing stuff I like.
I am doing on vacation to Namibia with my family on Tuesday and am really looking forward to that, but I wish I could have done the camp in Sauk Valley as well to see some old friends and be a longer time around those crazy Spanish.
I had a blast working 2 camps in Stowe, Vermont and 1 camp in Blairstown, NJ and I would like to thank you all, campers and coaches, for the great time. I really hope to see you either here in Holland (equals The Netherlands) as my guest or next year again in the US of A.

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