Monday, 24 July 2006


For all of you that don't know yet: on Tuesday I will be leaving to Namibia (Africa) for my vacation with my parents and brother. My parents celebrated their 30th anniversary and wanted to go one last time on vacation with their sons. After lonbg discussion we found a compromise in Namibia. My brother didn't want Asia, my father was more for Canada and I opposed against Europe or the USA.
We rented 2 Adveturer 4x4's with which we will travel one month throughout the country and will stop at all the major (for example the Etosha Park and the Skeleton Coast) and not so major sights (for example Damaraland) of the country and it will be a blast. Sleeping will be half of the time in the car and half of the time in a hotel or lodge. I am looking forward to see some more wildlife, some beautiful nature sceneries and meeting new people. I don't think that I can blog a lot about it all, but I will for sure try to do so.

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