Tuesday, 4 July 2006


I am in Vermont now after a long, but very nice trainride. The scenery outside was marvellous and the company on the train was great too. We had a crazy guy working at the bar and some crazy girls in the same wagon. We played a couple of card games and had a laugh. Always nice to meet people on the train and have some talks and discussions.
I was picked up from the trainstation together with a Scot, who happened to be on the same train as I was. He played for Hurley for a year and plays in the Scottish national team, so we have a real pro here. The hostel is ok and we are expecting the other coaches between now and 2 hours. The girls will come tomorrow and for the first week there will only be 50. The other 2 weeks will be fairly crowded though. It is hot out here and I am enjoying myself with this wireless connection. :-)

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