Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Blue City

Just realized that the link for the Blue City wasn't in English and there isn't one as well, so here a short explanation. My province is one of the, if not THE, poorest province in NL. To attract more business, tourists and people they came up with a plan. It basically consists of digging a big lake, selling expensive plots of land in (islands) and around it and with this attracting rich people from Amsterdam, Rotterdam etc. So after the Dutch fought (and are still fighting) against the water and the sea for centuries, they suddenly thought to give land back to the water. The people in my province are to down-to-eart for this kind of projects and we weren't that happy about it, as it costs millions and the prices of nearby houses are rising, which is not that good for locals wanting to buy a house... Will have to see what will happen and how it will look like. Starting prices for the plots (so no house yet) are around 200,000€. That's the average for a normal house here...

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