Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Tour of my province

Last Sunday, Youlan and I went on a tour through my part of the province, which is the (north) eastern part of Groningen. It is one of the poorest areas in the Netherlands and one of the most flat. :-) On a good day you can really see for miles and miles. I owed Youlan something, because I missed out a scheduled lunch (although not my fault). So we took the train to Winschoten and took my parents' car and first went to the Blue City to look at the project. Then we went to the old fortified city of Bourtange where we wandered on the walls and the Easter market. Tea time and we went to Brodie, where we had a big pot of tea and some scones. Last stop was Nieuw Statenzijl at the sea. Driving through our drylands you can really see how deserted and flat my province is. I was happy that it was a sunny day, else it can be quite depressing. :-) Returned home where my mom prepared dinner already, so we had to stay and eat there (sweet mom!) and took the evening train back home. It was a nice and good afternoon. More visitors welcome! :-)

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