Tuesday, 18 April 2006

National History Quiz

Today the National History Quiz was live on TV. I invited my 2 best friends to come, watch and play as well. So at 20.25 we sat in front of the TV with notebooks and pencils answering the questions the competitors got on TV as well. Now Bert majored in history and is a history teacher. Arnoud is actually the smartest of our holy trinity and I, well, I am me. :-) No need to say that Bert won with 5 of 12 correct, Arnoud got second with 4 out of 12 and I only had 3 correct. In the final the 2 remaining competitors got open questions and here with us Bert knew most of them as well. He should have been there, although his 6 correct answers wouldn't have led him into the final. Was a nice evening though, with some birthday cake my parents brought and a few drinks.

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