Thursday, 13 April 2006

A day in the Life of...

Got up at 9.
Showered and ate breakfast.
Turned on my pc and opened Outlook.
Had 12 new emails and answered them.
Had an email conversation with Bert.
Threw my hockeyshoes and -socks out of the window, because they smell terrible.
Had lunch with Bert and Annelies.
Prepared my writing assignment for English.
Discussed about a consultancy job and read the emails about it.
Made Blue List.
Had English course and chaired the debate.
Had dinner with Bert and Arnoud.
Watched Temptation Island V and Intolerable Cruelty.
Played 2 maps of Battlefield 1942.
Updating my blog and checking other blogs.
Going to bed and read a bit in Queen Noor's Book.

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