Wednesday, 29 June 2005

German ELSA NCM Frankfurt/Oder

Well, I went to FFO last Saturday and it took me a bloody 13.5 hours, as I missed 1 train and one other had a delay. It should have taken only 8.5 hours... Ah well, am now sure that ELSA NCMs are not really for me anymore, as I hardly knew any people and the parties aren't that good anymore as they used to be. I might also get old... :)
Christina was voted unanimously with 122 votes as the new president of ELSA Germany and I am positive that she will do a great job for Germany and internationally. Hope also that she will kick the IBs ass, as there always stays a kind of Cold War between Germany and the IB. Very fun though. I once suggested to stop all the payments from Germany to the IB (around 15.000€ of a the IB's budget of around 120.000), but my board considered that too harsh. :)
Anyway, will see how many ELSA things I will visit. Think my days are really over now.

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