Wednesday, 22 June 2005


A few weeks ago I had a BMW Z4 for a (long) weekend in my posession. I won a contest at CCDrive (my work) a long, long time ago and was finally able to cash the prize in. It was the perfect weekend for it, as the sun was shining, the weather was great, and Christina was here. My god, what a great car that is. It has hardly any space inside (although it has a big trunk), but the cornering is fantastic, the stability is superb and the looks are perfect. I am happy to live near the Germany border (no speed limits there), so I took it for a spin and got to 230km/h... It's a kind of car where I very well could get used to... :) It's also a car that when you drive it, everyone looks at you, thinking "some rich yupp" or "rich daddies son", but it was great. Drove through inner roads to Pieterburen and watched some seals, back through Lauwersoog, Bedum, Haren, Glimmen and other rich villages where the Hamptons would easily could stand the comparisation. Too bad that I had to hand the car in at the end of 3 days superb touring and fully enjoying. God, ain't I blessed? :)

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