Wednesday, 29 June 2005

OSCE Mission Albania

Finally went to the ministry today to get my documents, money and tickets. They booked us a very shitty flight, as we arrive tomorrow at 23.55 at Tirana and fly from Schiphol at 20.05. Will be back the 6th at 19.20, so if someone wants to pick me up?
The Dutch delegation will consist of 8 participants, of whom I am the youngest by far. The others are not only older, but also experienced in observer missions. They've been in Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia and more for that already. The only advantage I have, is that I know the country and the backgrounds of some issues and problems, due to my working experience at the embassy last summer. Will do my best and see how it will go. At least it's a great opportunity to go back and do something completely new. I applied for the internal MFA pool for observer missions, so I need to have some experience and this will be good to get in. I am most curious where I will be placed and with whom, as you are sent in couples.
Will try to keep you all updated, but since I don't know yet where I will be placed, I might not have any interenet around. Will see. Will for sure post a review after I have returned. For now, goodnight and till next week! :)

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