Saturday, 5 June 2004

The First Day Of My Existence

A friend of mine started a Weblog a few weeks ago and after visiting his blog every day, I got the idea to make one of my own. Although it is hard work to keep this blog updated and filled with new, funny, sad and other stories, it is also fun to do and quite addicting. I have no idea if I can keep up, to write something every day, but I will do my best and with the summer coming it should be doable. The only problem is that I have 2 blogs now: 1 in Dutch and one in English. Might be a bit too much, but as I have so many friends who don't speak Dutch (most of the people in my MSN-list) I have to have one in English too.
I am not that sophisticated or smart, although I often pretend to be just that. So at the moment I am reading "Il Principe" of Niccolo Macchiavelli to broaden my view and pick up some things that might be interesting or usefull for me. I got it as a present from a friend of mine, who has more wisdom and experience in mind, so I think he might gave me the book with a purpose. Sometimes I tend to be a little arrogant and dominating, yes, but never in a suppressive or annoying way. The book might help me to develop that a bit further. It might be an idea to become Prime Minister of the Netherlands as well in a few years. Regarding what our current PM does and how he behaves and looks: come on! (to use a very popular phrase of a friend of mine) At the international level as well as the national, the Netherlands is a big joke with this man as its spokesman. He might be very adorable and sweet with his family at home, but he is not a strong and convincing leader. Give me Bolkestein of the Liberal Party. How controversial he might be; he has undoubtedly a strong voice, opinion and charisma. Someone you can put next to Bush or Berlusconi and he will make raw meat out of them.
It should not be all too political here, so I will finish here: have to study as well. 13 Exams in 4 weeks! I am nuts...


Anonymous said...

Three guesses who it is! Darf man fragen warum du dich gerade Eisenreich nennst? :)

Anonymous said...

When I think about it: Il principe, literally taken? Is Macchiavelli such an inspiration?


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