Thursday, 24 June 2004

The Flying Dutch

Well, a miracle has happened: the Dutch football team qualified for the quarterfinals of the EC 2004. What no one expected anymore and what many feared after the Czech Republic announced to play with a "B"-team against Germany, did not became reality. We played a great match against Latvia, which was not able to uphold their good play of the last two matches against Germany and the CR. Germany was not allowed to win from the Czechs, and it was frightening to see that they scored first and came to 1-0. Luckily, the Czechs wanted revenge for '96 and even their B-team was able to outclass the Germans with 1-2.
The Dutch coach was critized heavily after the last match and if we would not proceed; the best advice for him was not to show up in NL for a couple of weeks. But how strange are we when we tear him down to the ground one moment and praise him into heaven the next? The public's opinion can easily swap from one side to another, especially when it deals with football. Now Advocaat can walk around again and no one will critize him anymore for his horrendous substitution against the Czechs. We are funny and strange...
Last but not least: I started to love the Czech Republic since my first visit back in 1990 and will love it until I die. The Dutch population humbly kneels and thanks the Czechs!

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