Monday, 14 June 2004


In 1999 I travelled to Greece with two friends of mine. I went for the 3rd time and they for the first, so we planned to do a extensive roundtrip to visit the most sights in this short amount time. We borrowed the Suzuki Swift from my parents, put the ski-box for our Volvo 850 on top of it and took off to explore Greece for about 4 till 5 weeks. A Swift is not really a flashy car or a car to impress the local females with, but with such a box on top of it (almost as long as the whole car), we didn't have a chance at all. Driving up the Brenner was a mission on its own, which we achieved, but not really at our top speed (driving the heavy traffic lane is no fun). The boat trip from Venice to Patra was great and we had a lot of fun. Already on the first day we got lost, as we tried to take a white road, which leaded into a totally deserted area with only sad and stones as pavement. Turning was possible, but to drive up the hill again was a bit too much for our little car. Both gentlemen had to push as I tried to drive it up the hill again. Nice dust clouds behind the car, their hand-prints clearly visible on the back of the car and a lot of sweat later, we succeeded. I can tell so many funny, sad and exciting stories about this holiday, but I only want to tell you 1 more. On one of the last days from our stay in the northern part of Greece, we tried to look for another sight which was on the map. It was not very hard to find, as signs showed us the way and the road was doable. Confused we were when we came on top of a hill with no sight at all and no signs anymore. We parked the car and went down the road to the sea, but nowhere a sight to be seen. We got annoyed by this and drove back to the bottom of the hill. There the last sign which lead us up the hill became the target of our frustration: we tore down the sign and hid it in the ski-box. Nowadays it hangs as a trophy in the living room of one of my friends. (My Greek friends will not like this revelation I guess :)) see pic.

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