Friday, 18 June 2004

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My Blog is now almost two weeks old and I have to say it is fun to do. Writing a story everyday on my English page is more difficult than on the Dutch one, but I blame it on the language. It is always easier to write in one’s mother tongue; not only the writing, but also the thinking. Last year in Germany I started to think in German as well after a few months, than it is also easier to write in that language. It went really fast though: the change from Dutch to German. When I returned home for Christmas I had difficulties speaking Dutch and used a lot of German words or translated German words literally in Dutch ones.
I have 100+ visitors now, but looking at providers of my visitors I have to admit that I am probably the one who visits my page most… This for sure has to change as I am not writing all this for myself: I have it in my head already, no need to write it down other than sharing it with others. So if you, my dear reader, think that this is any fun to read or just shows how shallow-minded I am: pass the word and get me some more visitors. Though I have around 80 people in my MSN list, not all of them have visited my blog and I am a little disappointed in them. My MSN-name has been the link to this page for so long, but not many really get it…
Something else bothers me as well: I have speared no effort to get me a “Comment”-link (below, right, every post) and a writing box on the right, but hardly anyone uses it! Why the hell do I have such things if no one wants to use them? It is the ideal opportunity to give your opinions and criticize me. I have to thank Esteban for being the only one who has written a comment. Thanks Money Man! Single Treasurers Belong Together (though I suddenly remember you weren’t in Alanya)!
I hope my critical notes have some effect and that I will see some more comments and visitors within the next weeks. I am doing this for you, not for myself!

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