Monday, 12 July 2004


At the moment I have 9 projects which I am working on. It goes from the Worldbank to preparing the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs who will visit us next week, and from some European Commission business to Security matters. Being a trainee at an embassy that is under-staffed is just great, as you get a lot of work from all kinds of fields. The idea to go here was to get an impression how the life and work on an embassy is and this is just the best way to find out. I have to say that so far I am really enjoying myself, not all is as interesting as possible, but that's normal. For the 2
weeks I am here now I cannot really say that I dislike something or that something is boring. It might come after a while or never, who knows. This week I have several meeting outside the embassy. Tomorrow I have to go to a Childrenshouse, which has a donor-meeting, and on Wednesday I have to go to both the European Commission and the Worldbank. That reminds me that I still have a lot of reading to do...

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