Thursday, 15 July 2004

Slow Day

It is a slow day today. I still have a lot to do and enough projects to finish, but I have to wait for answers and people to come back, to continue which makes it a rather boring day. So I did some catching up in reading the local newspapers, cleaning my desk, filing some documents, going through year reports of dozens of NGO's (not all that interesting), writing 100x ".nl" after my emailaddress on my businesscards (as it wasn't printed on), calling with the ministry for information (what a bureaucracy), guarding the painters (the embassy is being painted and they are not allowed to be left unguarded...), explaining a Dutch guy that he cannot barch in and expect to get a visa for his brother-in-law at once, and more of such very useful things. Writing this as it is not even 4 o'clock makes me a little desperate, as only at 18.30 I have my next meeting at the National Art Gallery for the opening of a German (!!) exhibition about football (hahahaha). Don't want to miss that, so will figure out a way to keep myself busy for another 2 hours.

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