Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Idiotic people

Had an interview at KPN today together with a whole bunch of people. As I am a little short on cash, have some bills to pay, and business isn't that flourishing yet, I am taking up another part time job. At a help desk that is. Not the most high standing and exciting work, but all I can get at the moment. I visited all the employment agencies in town, but I am either over-qualified or not full time available, so they don't have anything for me.
The selection was a peace of cake (a test with the reader next to it...) and I will probably start next week; I am curious how it will be. The IQ-level of the people participating wasn't that high (15 multiple choice questions, max 6 faults, reader next to it and still 50% dropout), but one lady really didn't know how to behave. She got accepted (very surprising) and immediately started to call her whole family and friends, shouting through the room that she had a job. Her (loud and nasty) voice, her appearance and the conversation an sich were all too much to bear. I controlled myself and didn't step up to ask if she really needed to do that, but by god, I hope she is in a different team...

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