Monday, 9 October 2006

Some more frustration

Over the ELS-NL email-list (ELSA Lawyers Society) came an urgent request for a chair and vice-chair for the upcoming ELSA ICM. Even though I have been very critical all my active years towards the International Board, about their way of working, their way of communicating and some other idiotic, silly little things, I have always supported the organisation and always offered to help. So, this time I also offered to help to act either as a chair or vice-chair. What surprises me: never heard a word from the IB again... Not a thank you, no sorry-we-found-someone, or anything else. Guess they didn't need someone that urgent... I tried to reach the secretary general on MSN, but she doesn't reply, even though she is online and active (= chatting with someone I was also chatting with). Do I understand this? Should I even? It is just frustrating as I only want to help and still see other similar organisations, like AIESEC, being so much more professional and progressing.

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