Monday, 9 October 2006

Sunday: hockey day

Yesterday was a fine hockey day for me, my team and the whole world! :-) At 10.30AM I was at the club, drank a coffee and reffed an interesting match of Gents 7 against some other men's team. After that I had my own match against the number one in our poule. We won with the glorious numbers of 4-1. We are definately going for the championship this year. Looking forward to that. After our match, our first men's team played and it was a thrilling match as well, which they lost with 3-4 against Tempo from Zwolle. The club bought a beamer, a sattelite and a screen and at 5PM we watched the dutch women win the world cup final in Madrid against Australia. God, never seen such a superb women's 2nd half. It was amazing and nice for showing next summer at some camps in the US. Do I have to mention that it was late when the light at the club went out?
PS even though Spain didn't make it to the final. Conratulations to Borja for winning the Catalan Cup! Go Borja! :-)


Redmer said...

Ditch women?? :-p

Roosmarijn said...

Leuk om eens de blog van m'n ex-trainer te lezen..

Ik was m'n mailbox aan het opfrissen, kwam de mail tegen en ging ff een kijkje nemen op je blogs en kwam leuke foto's tegen van jou met een rokje aan???!!!
Anyway hoe is het ermee? Mis je je Hoogeveense meisjes A-team een beetje?

En met de studie etc. alles in orde?
Anyway, ik zal het wel in de gaten houden..

Liefs, Roosmarijn


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