Thursday, 26 October 2006


I am becoming a more and more frequent user of Skype, also because more and more of my friends have installed it. (a hint for all of you, who haven't yet...)
Yesterday evening I was bored and tried to find some random users who had their status on "free to chat". Lately people found me that way as well and had some very strange people talking to me. So, I search and the only people I could find, were bots, horny men or women working in the industry... The men can be explained, the bots less, but I guess Skype is being spammed as well with fake-accounts. The women were more curious. I tried a couple and all were busy or hung up on me. After checking their profiles it became clear that they were either working or fake as well. The links in their profiles, containing their homepages were all links to sex-sites.
I ended up talking to a Ukrainian, but after exchanging the standard sentences about the weather and where we live, I was out of knowledge... :-)

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